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We are a small family business from M'Hamid El Ghozlane, province of Zagora. It is the end of the road and the starting point of our most desert tours.


We were born and spent our childhood in the Sahara. We have been operating as guides for more than 10 years. The Sahara is our home. We practice gentle tourism and pay attention to our environment. Our main helpers are our dromedaries, which we treat well.


Join Sahara Steps for an unforgettable trekking (camel) or a jeep tour to the Sahara. We take you to the most beautiful places of Morocco and show you old caravan towns and places that were once the meeting place for the camel caravanes, responsible for trade, cultural and social understanding of the world and the transport of man and goods.

Sahara Steps offers you a wide range of tours. Sahara trekking on foot or with dromedaries from the old caravan town of Mhamid or by 4WD car from Marrakech. We take you to a place where you can experience the expanse, the solitude, the peace, the silence and the mysterious power of the desert. No matter how and from where you start your trekking or tour, you will discover a new world. This ultimate Sahara vacation lets you forget the bustle of life and the stress of the everyday life. Sitting in the evening at the camp fire, enjoying the silence of the desert and looking at millions of stars is an experience that can not be described with words.

We will be pleased to offer you your own individual tour. Tell us how much time you have, starting place and destination, trekking / 4WD car / camel, number of people (from solo travelers to large groups). We work with you to make your unique dream trip.